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Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men

Do you suffer from "Low T"? 
If so, then Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) may be right for you!

Symptoms of "Low T"

  • Muscle loss

  • Lack of focus

  • Sleeping issues

  • Depression

  • Loss of sex drive

  • Hair loss

  • Irritability/moodiness

  • Weight gain

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Loss in height

  • Memory loss

  • Chronic fatigue

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Two Men Fishing

How do I get started on BHRT?

To determine your testosterone needs, we evaluate your symptoms and draw serum lab panels. Your unique results will be assessed by our providers, along with the development of a customized treatment plan, so we will continually re-evaluate and monitor your progress to ensure you maintain the optimum level of results you deserve. Testosterone replacement therapy may be administrated through weekly intramuscular injections or BioTE pellets every five to six months


So, let's get started on the road to regaining that youthful appearance and vitality by achieving an optimal hormone level found in your 20's and we'll uncover the appropriate bio- identical testosterone replacement therapy regimen just for you.


If you believe testosterone replacement therapy may help you, call now to schedule a one on one consultation with one of our experienced professional staff.

Call Us Today!

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