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Oral Medications

InShapeWV offers a variety of oral medications from appetite suppressants and metabolism boosters to medications that alter the taste of the foods we crave to make them less appealing. All of our oral medications come with an individualized reduced calorie or carb plan, weekly weigh-ins and a Body Composition Analysis that gives you a printout of not only your total body weight, but also your total body water, muscle mass, fat free mass, fat mass, visceral fat (fat around your organs), BMI (Body Mass Index) and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) at no extra charge.



A powerful FDA approved weight loss aid that produces multiple effects on the body stimulating it to reduce lipid digestion, decrease hunger impulses, suppress the appetite and boost your metabolism. When used short term in conjunction with diet, exercise, and food behavioral counseling, Phentermine will help you reach your weight loss goal.



Prescribed for migraines and certain types of seizures, but it is also prescribed for weight loss.  Soda drinkers especially like Topiramate due to its properties that alter the way food and especially carbonated drinks that you crave, taste less appealing. Many times patients that have used this medication no longer take interest in tobacco or alcohol as well.  Topiramate is used in conjunction with diet, exercise, and behavioral counseling.  It may also be prescribed in combination with Phentermine.


Chromium Picolinate

Aids in the control of your blood sugar levels, reducing your fat storage, decreasing your carb and sugar cravings while aiding in weight loss. When combined with physical activity Chromium Picolinate may help not only with weight loss and reduction of body fat, but it may also increase muscle mass.



Contrave is a medication FDA approved for weight loss as well.  This can be taken for patients that also have several health problems. Contrave is not kept in stock in our office, but we will write you a prescription to take to your pharmacy of choice to be filled.  Some of these are covered under insurance plans based upon your current health and BMI.



Phenhance helps support the benefits of phentermine while minimizing some of the common side effects including irritability and mood swings while enhancing the effectiveness without increasing the dose. Phenhance can also be used as a standalone alternative to aid in appetite control while boosting energy and metabolism.

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